What I wanted to be

Having just completed my first photo shoot with a professional model, I'm inspired to try some more significant projects.  

The first of these is a project I call WHAT I WANTED TO BE.  The concept is simple.  Every shot will be the person as they are today looking into a mirror and seeing that person they wanted to be at some point in their life.  In some cases, the person in the mirror will be a different model styled appropriately.  In other cases, it will be the same person dressed to represent their wish.

Along with the shot, I want a short story about why they wanted to be this person, why they aren't or how they got to be the person they are now.

My hope is to capture some interesting images, but also poignant truths about the choices in life that make us who we are.

I'm giving myself a year or so to do this because I want to capture enough images and stories to make a small photo book.

Corby JamesComment