The Adventures of Giselle

This is a video project inspired by the some of the work that Dustin from Ocean Shutter has done.

The script is as follows:

Scene 1: Leaving Home

The setting is a home with a couple packing to go on a vacation.   Their little girl is busy getting in their luggage.  

As the parents are leaving, the little girl gives her mother a small toy, Giselle.

Scene 2: Airplane Over the Island

Mom's bag is against the window and Giselle has a view of the island.

Scene 3: The Beach

Mom and Dad are on the beach.  People are all around.  The surf is in the background.  As the sun starts to set, Mom and Dad leave and Giselle slips out of the bag.  She is left on the beach.

The tide comes in.  Giselle is pulled into the ocean by the outgoing tide.

Scene 4: Into The Ocean

As the tide takes Giselle out into the ocean, she is first greeted by small fish in the shallow water.


Corby JamesComment