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It all started when...

I received my first camera at age 11.  I was hooked!  Coming from a family of artists and inspired by my mother and my uncle, I found my particular niche.  Wandering the mountains of southwestern Montana, I reveled in shooting the natural beauty that was our family's ranch.  At one point as a pre-teen, I tried run off to become a rodeo photographer.

Later, as an adult, I started diving and found that my obsession for capturing images took on a whole new dimension.  Underwater video and photography done well is immensely different than terrestrial shooting.  Start with the fact that you AND your subjects are constantly moving in many directions at the same time.  Add that light and color disappear very quickly and you have some interesting challenges.  Finally, as you might guess, cameras and strobes don't mix well with salt water and pressure, so complete the package with a housing and 4 foot strobe arms and you get it.  And I love it.

The next evolution for me was to start shooting people.  The human element has added an entire dimension to my shooting and comes with a completely different set of challenges.  Studio and location lighting, hair and makeup, model releases, etc. gave me an entirely new set of challenges.  I am constantly learning and trying new things, something that I hope never ends.

Please enjoy the images in my gallery and reach out through the contact section if you would like to work with me.