About Maternity and Newborn Shoots

Great Expectations

Having a baby is one of those incredible events in you life and we are thrilled to help you capture these moments.  Our philosophy is that we want to create beautiful, memorable images for you to remember the rest of your life, while at that same time providing a safe, comfortable environment for both the parents and newborns.


What to expect

There are plenty of places to get canned shots of you and your baby.  That is not what we do.  We want to get to know you, your personality, what kind of shots you like, what props are meaningful, etc.  Every shoot is a collaboration where we work together to find some compelling images.

Step 1: Pre-shoot Interview - Plan to spend 30 minutes to an hour with us either over the phone or in person.  We want to know what you are looking for from the session.  We'll look at images from other shoots and Pinterest boards to come up with a shot plan.  Nothing is set in stone though as we are at the whim of pregnant mom or newborn baby.

Step 2: The Shoot - We'll schedule the shoot at least a week out to give both you and us time to gather props and prep for the shoot.  We block off 3-4 hours for the shoot to give you and baby time to rest, feed, etc.  We provide private areas in our home to change, breast feed, and relax when not shooting.  

Step 3: Post-production - After the shoot, we'll spend some time reviewing the raw images to get your feedback on what you like before we start doing post production work.  Once the post work is done, we'll provide an online gallery for you to select the final images as well as share them with others.  You can print directly from the gallery for a minimal charge.